January 1-8 2025
XI international youth
theater festival

The first international theatre festival #KulturOnTour took place in 2013. At that time we didn't really know where we could ask for support and how we could make the festival big, rememberable and unique at the same time. Now it's taking place on the city's main theatre stage and is a great event for our guests and the whole city. Today professional actors and directors from all over the world like to join our team of expert judges and theatre educators want to give their masterclasses or just watch performances, come to visit and meet with one another. Nowadays we receive a huge amount of applications and find it difficult to select the best plays. Now we are absolutely certain that we did everything correctly when we met on a small site in a suburb of Bremen in 2013 and celebrated the first festival with a small collective. We just wanted the festival to be what it is now. And we have more and more wishes, which we strive for every year.

The age of the participants must be between 16 and 30 years.

Performances of every form and genre in every language are invited to participate.

We recommend a duration of maximum 90 minutes for your play.

In the application selection phase, the performances/videos are observed and evaluated by the festival organising committee. At the final, the plays will be perfomed on stage. They will be observed and assessed by members of the festival's expert jury. One winner will be revealed in each program, as well as winners in separate nominations. As part of the festival, performances are discussed with members of the expert jury. Also master classes are held in the main disciplines of theatre. In the evening, a non-theatrical program is planned for the participants with games, competitions and parties. Additionally and on request - excursions, trips to other cities in Germany, visits to museums and cultural areas of the city of Bremen - can be organised.

Read more in the festival regulations

Bremen, Deutschland
Theater am Goetheplatz, #theater11bremen

"If a theatre is exclusively dedicated to the classical repertoire and does not reflect modern life at all, then it soon threatens to become academically extinct."

Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenkо

  • Dmitry Nazarov

    Famous theatre and film actor, winner of theater and film awards. In the past, the leading actor of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.

  • Maria Vaneeva
    Actress (Kharkiv Academic Drama Theater), theater teacher (Kharkiv National University of Arts, HfS Ernst Busch, Berlin).
  • Timofey Ilyevskiy
    Theater teacher and director, playwright. The main director of the Brest Academic Drama Theater.
  • Olga Vasilieva
    Actress of theater and cinema. In the past, the actress of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.
  • Irina Miller

    Actress, director, acting teacher, head of the free theater "Integral".

  • Augusto Jaramillo-Pineda
    Actor, dancer, choreographer and teacher.
    Artistic director of the steptext label "Young artists".

Dear participants!

The team of the festival "Kultur On Tour" and #theater11bremen does not support the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. The jury consists (including) of figures of culture and art of the Russian Federation/Belarus Republic who left the country because of their civic position and/or political repression. We are sure of this and ask you to treat all participants of the festival with respect, regardless of nationality, citizenship or language.


To participate in the festival, you need to carefully read the regulations of the festival, fill out an application in the established form and make a high-quality video of the performance. All materials will be accepted and viewed strictly within the deadline set out in the festival regulations.
No more than two applications will be accepted from a theatre.
*The organising committee is not obliged to explain to the participants their choice of the finalist teams. Please treat this with understanding and respect.
Who can participate:
Any folk and amateur theatre group from any country in the world can take part in the festival. The age of the participants must be between 16 and 30 years. Performances are accepted for participation in any language with no genre restrictions. The recommended length of the performance is no more than 90 minutes.

You can also take part in seminars and master classes at the festival as a participant, regardless of age (from 18 years) and belonging to any theatre.
Financial conditions:
Approximate cost per participant (accommodation + two meals per day) cost ~ 80 euros/day

One-time organisational fee per participant (except for group leaders) €30. The fee is payable on arrival at the festival in cash. Payment of the fee is compulsory.

Participants in the international cultural exchange program by «Erasmus+» Foundation receive financial support*

*Financial support for participation in the festival is available to teams registered and having a verified number in the «Erasmus+» Foundation (except Germany). Accommodation and meals are paid for 10 theatre actors** aged between 16 and 30 and for 2 team leaders who can be over 30 years old for the whole period of the festival (obligatory condition of funding - stay for the whole period of the festival, i.e. from 1 January to 8 January 2025). Transport costs, organisation fee and other expenses are not covered.

**A delegation of 10 participants in the «Erasmus+» Foundation programme can include not only actors, but also any team members.
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