Yearly. In summer.
A creative summer camp for children.
Every father and mother comes to think of it at some point - where could my child go to have a nice summer vacation? After all, you want your vacation not only to be a lot of fun and worry-free, but you also want to make it a bit productive.

The team from #theater11bremen asked themselves the same question and found the perfect answer. We have created the first creative children's summer camp in which your child not only recovers, relaxes and makes new friends, but can also develop artistically and maybe even discover a creative hobby for themselves in the long run.

All creative collectives, all boys and girls who are ready to experience an adventure, are warmly invited to our summer camp!

Check-in dates 2022: July 22-30/August 1-7
The number of participants is limited.
Age of participants from 7 to 15 years.
Jugendherberge Borkum "Am Wattenmeer"
Reedestr. 231
26757 Borkum
What to expect from the summer camp?
Creative workshops
Acting, choreography, singing, art, mask (make-up), theatre laboratory.
Sports games, walks/hikes, trampoline, children's discos.
New Friends from different countries
Not only children who live in Germany take part in the summer camp. We are rewarding the winners of our #FutureForKidsFest children's festival with an opportunity to participate in the summer camp. They live in different countries around the world and love to visit us in Germany.
Professional photography and video
Every day we share our everyday life in the camp on the social media of the theatre, so that the parents can follow the progress in almost real time. This also means that in addition to beautiful memories, the children will also have beautiful photos.
Provisions and accommodation
The rooms in the hostel accommodate 4-10 people. 3 meals per day. There is also a supermarket on the premises of the summer camp.
Our summer camp is located on the beautiful island of Borkum in the north of Germany, our camp is the Borkum Youth Hostel.
Four to ten participants sleep in the rooms. The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, desks and cupboards for storing personal items. Bathrooms can be found on the floor or in the room. There are playgrounds, sports fields, a gym, a large dining room and classrooms on the campus. Sports equipment (e.g. football) and bicycles are also made available to guests.

Trained educators take care of the children with the support of young actors from #theater11bremen

All “master classes” and laboratories are led exclusively by professional and creative educators, directors and choreographers.
The summer camp team
Every teacher knows that any creative workshop has an impact on children. Creativity - is an essential path to development.
Graduated from the Semyon Barken Drama School and the Moscow Institute for Culture and Art, musical actor, director and theatre pedagogue. Artistic director and organiser of the #11theatercompany, artistic director of # theater11bremen
Actor of the world-famous show "River Dance", worked in the most famous musicals in the USA, Europe and Canada. Opera singer.
A German viewer
will already know Richard from the musical
"The Lion King".
Stage movement
Circus actor,
graduate of the French circus school CNAC, worked in circuses from Germany, England,
Belgium, France, the Netherlands and others.
Hip-hop choreography
Choreographer and teacher in “Maniac Dance Center Oldenburg” and “Gigy Dance Classes Bremen”, founder and dancer of the collective “Beleavers”, winner of several international dance competitions.
Modern choreography
Founder and director of the “Maniac Dance Center Oldenburg”, dancer and choreographer. Choreography graduate in Hamburg, danced in prestige dance school in New York. Works with children and adults, with amateurs and professionals.
Mask / make-up
Artist, mask. Worked as a mask artist in the theatre "Auf Malaya Brannaya" and in the theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (Moscow) and in state television channels TNT and NTV.
Pedagogue at the School for Aesthetic Education "KiWi School" Bremen.
Scenography, costume
Designer of costume and interior design. Performed in the "Large Puppet Theater", the "Baltic House Theater" and the "Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theater" (St. Petersburg, Russia). In Germany she works together with the Bremen State Theater - Theater Bremen.
Photography, video
Media manager #theater11bremen, director. Inseparable from the camera since 2008. Participant and winner of photo exhibitions and competitions in St. Petersburg. Content creator, photo and video #11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
Not only professionals in creativity, but also caring hands.
In addition to the professionally trained educators in the field of art, the team includes experienced group leaders and creative helpers. The group leaders accompany the children into class, into the dining room and patiently put the children to sleep. It's not an easy task! And during the creative laboratory, young actors from #theater11bremen, who have already gained stage experience and experience with children at other events and international theatre festivals, will help the children. In result there are a few more adults than children in our camp, so your children can be looked after perfectly!
Productive Vacation? Easily!
Discover new talents and spend a week in the company of new friends - that's wonderful!
Probably the most versatile week of the year.
The camp program offers daily master classes in various creative areas! Every child has the opportunity to find something for themselves that inspires their own soul, and is guaranteed to learn something new from the professional educators. A great result is guaranteed!
The earlier the better!
The number of participants is very limited, so if you want to reserve a place for your child, you should register as soon as possible!
Might I stay?
If your child wants to continue to be creative after their stay in the summer camp, we warmly invite your child to become a part of the #theater11team!
A few comments
from parents of the participants:
"A huge thank you to the organisers! As I saw from the photos and videos, the kids had a great week! Mark would like to take part again next year, so see you next year!"

"My Emely already texted me today: "MOM, I WANT TO RETURN NEXT YEAR!"
Thanks to Kira and the whole team for a wonderful summer camp!"

"Thank you for such a wonderful week. Our daughter July was absolutely thrilled! She really enjoyed it from the heart and made new friends. Thank you for your effort, work and patience!"
The best investments are investments in personal development. Impressions are priceless.
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