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Hello. We are the #theater11bremen team from Bremen, Germany. Our theatre turned 14 in 2023. One day we noticed that one theatre was not enough for us, so we decided to invite other theatres from all over the world to join us.

In the background of this train of thought, in 2013, we decided to organize our own international youth theatre festival KulturOnTour and invite other young guests. After a small period of time not only youth theatres wanted to visit us, but also children’s theatres - so we decided to organize a children's theater festival as well. This is how our festival for children FutureForKidsFest came to life. And a few years ago, as part of a project, our theatre academy (laboratory) ETAK was established. The ETAK Academy has an educational character. Young actors attend the academy to prove and develop their acting skills with the help of professional pedagogues from Europe, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

Every year, collectives from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Spain, France, Russia, Belarus and other countries around the world take part in our festivals. Our festival is limitless!

In 2021, we thought that it would be nice if our theatre could also offer something interesting in the theatre offseason. What about a creative summer camp? .. Bingo!. This is how TERRITORIUM11 came about. It is a children's summer camp with creative workshops in all theatrical disciplines and related creative fields (applied arts, makeup, costumes, etc.). The summer camp is located in a beautiful location on the North Sea island of Borkum, on the territory of the Borkum Youth Hostel. From 2024, an inclusive theatre festival #KITFEST will be among our projects.

With our theatre-team we have visited a large number of festivals in Europe, Russia and other countries. We absorbed every good detail in order to make our projects an unforgettable experience for participants and guests, without losing the professionalism of the organization and the art of the theater.

Our projects
We’ve just experienced wonderful 9 days - wonderful performances, a professional jury, a great atmosphere, “master classes” by professionals, new theatre friends from different countries, simply a great organization of the festival by the unreal #theater11bremen. It was an unforgettable start to the year, we hope to be able to come back here soon!
The DIY theatre team about the # KulturOnTour festival - Kharkiv (Ukraine)
I was very impressed by the trip to Germany! In addition to the boundless beauty of the city of Bremen and the delicious food, there were wonderful people - I mean the organizers and participants of the festival. We all fell in love with all these people who were ready to do anything to make the festival better at any time and any second. It was one of the most beautiful holidays in my life!
Antonina Rybalovleva, student of the Konstantin Raikin Theatre School about the festival #KulturOnTour - Moscow, Russia
The #FutureForKidsFest in Bremen is simply great! This is my first time at such a nice and cozy festival that is not pathetic. Everyone is very open and friendly. We had very tasty food, we lived right on the banks of the Weser, next to the theatre where the festival was taking place. I really enjoyed the performance "Autsch!" by Theater 11. I will never forget it! It was so cool! In general, I have a huge amount of impressions. Thanks to the #theater11bremen team. You are really really cool!
Participant in the # FutureForKidsFest festival
Theatre academy/laboratory.
It's never too late to learn the art of acting and it doesn't matter in which country in the world. Although, of course, it's more interesting in Europe.
The international theatre academy ETAK is a week of intensive workshops in the main disciplines of theatre: acting, rhetoric, singing, stage movement and others. Every year new pedagogues teach the participants. The academy includes not only workshops, but also laboratories, seminars and creative meetings. The first academy took place in 2018. From 2022, the academy takes place in Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
The academy is open to theater groups and individual performers who want to pump up their skills.
International children's theatre festival for children’s and youth collectives.
Children can't be fooled. If children don't want to go home after our festival, we are once again convinced that we did everything right.
The first festival for children's theatre Future For Kids Fest took place in 2016. It has been held annually since then. The exception was in 2020 when the pandemic didn't give us a chance to meet old friends and make new ones in Bremen. The festival took place online in 2021. This was our first experience of running a festival in this format. 140 applications were submitted for the festival, and once selected, 12 theaters from different countries around the world made it to the finals. Theatres whose actors are between 7 and 17 years old can take part in the festival. The performances selected for participation have no genre or form restrictions. We love to see creative actors who enjoy what they do!
From 2023, the festival takes place in Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
International theatre festival for amateur theatres.
With our festival we continue to prove that a theatre does not have to be professional in order to inspire the audience.
The KULTURONTOUR Festival is our first international project. Hence our favorite. It takes place annually during the New Year holidays. This means that every theatre has an excellent opportunity to fly to Germany straight after New Year's Eve and enjoy the festival there for a week. This festival gets cooler every year - we don't expect it ourselves. Now it takes place in the main theatre of Bremen THEATER BREMEN. In addition to performances and encounters, workshops are organized by various theatre educators, including the directors of the participating theatres and members of the jury. Without exceptions, the jury members of the children's and youth festivals are exclusively professionals.
Theaters whose artists are between 16 and 30 years old can take part in the festival. The performances selected for participation have no genre or form restrictions.
International festival of inclusive theatres.
Theatre is a unique art form that has a place for everyone who truly loves it.
The Inclusive Theatre Festival was created for theatre teams with artists with special needs on stage alongside regular actors. It doesn't matter what you look like or how you talk, as long as you are really talented. Theatre is an art for everyone.
International creative summer camp for children.
It did not sit right with us to be creatively involved only in the context of the “school year”. We decided that in the summer, in the off-season, we also have to do something creative.
The children's creative camp TERRITORIUM11 is a great opportunity to relax and develop further. In addition, no qualifications are required for the summer camp. If your child has wanted to try their hand at art for a long time, this can be done by visiting the camp. The perfect opportunity! There, children not only engage in acting and theatre disciplines, but also simply have a great time doing sports, drawing, hiking and other interesting activities. Like our parents have always said: "Anything is better than sitting around at home and watching TV!"
An opportunity not to be missed.
Let's be honest. How often have you thought: “How nice would it be to live in another country now?”
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every year we offer a traineeship for people from all over the world: to become part of the #theater11bremen team and to live in Germany. We always need responsible, strong, charming people with sparkling eyes and full of passion to help us realise our projects. This is of course a creative area, but in addition to acting, there is also a lot of hard work, so the volunteers should get ready for work behind the scenes. In addition to the glory in front of the headlights, everyday issues are just as important as the Stanislavski system.
Applicants must only be between 18 and 30 years old. Accommodation and grants are provided. An invitation to Germany for a calendar year, but if we really fall in love, we could continue to work together.
Each of us is very passionate about our projects and loves the theatre. And that is mutual.
  • KIRA
    Artistic director, director and organiser of festivals and projects 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
    Festival organiser, director and media manager of the projects 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
    Curator of festival teams, secretary,
    organiser of the projects 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
    Curator of festival teams,
    project organiser, teacher of 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
    Scout, curator of festival teams,
    project organiser, teacher of 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
    Scout, curator of festival teams,
    project organiser, teacher of 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
    Curator of festival teams,
    teacher of 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
  • LEV
    Technical support for the projects 11theatercompany and #theater11bremen
Our mission is very simple. We want theatre festivals in Europe not to appear difficult, expensive or completely impossible. We do our best to make this dream come true. Our festival should remain in the minds of the participants as the most beautiful and vivid memory.
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